Plan your visit

Plan your visit


Parco Rossi is accessible to everybody: children, adults, elderly and foreign visitors, as well as people with disabilities. It’s a visual, tactile and auditory experience. You can roll down the paths on wheels or follow them on foot. There’s a way to discover the gardens for everyone!

The park is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm, with free entry.

You can visit Parco Rossi

  • using your smartphone or tablet, alone or in a group

Download the Ubiika app in the comfort of your own home or connecting to the free Wi-Fi network SantorsOnline.
Choose the language of the user menu (Italian, English or LIS – Italian Sign Language). If you select Italian or English, we recommend using earphones for a better sound quality.
Now you are ready to do some exploring.
Start from the multisensory map at the entrance: a talking, graphic and tactile panel that provides welcome information about the park, tips for your visit and safety instructions.
You can proceed at your leisure, following the sequence of beacons along the path or wandering around. Whenever you are near a point of interest, Ubiika will notify you of the corresponding audio or video content.
Pay attention to the signage and the directions provided in the audio tracks, indicating the walking path. We suggest taking with you a charger or a power bank: if you need to charge your smartphone or tablet during your visit, you can plug it into the courtesy outlets underneath the Belvedere.
To find out your exact position within the park, observe or touch ARAC the dragon on any of the beacons: the hole pierced in the cutout indicates where you are. Happy exploring!

  • booking a guided tour (for groups)

Guided group tours can also be booked outside opening hours. A guide will lead you to the audio tales scattered throughout the park, using the provided wireless earphones. You will not need your smartphone nor the Ubiika app.
Contact us to book your guided tour.

Policies for visiting the park.