The park

The park


A magical park

The Romantic gardens of Parco Rossi are the cornerstone of a complex system comprising the villa with its park at the foot of Mount Summano and the model farm further downstream. Sponsored by Alessandro Rossi and designed by architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin between 1865 and 1884, it is one of the finest examples of landscape garden in northern Italy.
A small lake surrounded by a majestic row of exotic, century-old trees greets you at the entrance, enveloping you in a magical and timeless atmosphere. As you move deeper into the park, you will come across all the typical elements of 19th century gardens: winding paths, rustic follies, mock ruins, water features, groves of tropical and native vegetation – all laid out with perfect mastery to create a picturesque setting that never ceases to captivate and amaze visitors.


A park in the spotlight

Parco Rossi shines under an innovative and evocative spotlight, revealing its nature, history and secrets through 19 audio tales that will provide the soundtrack to your journey. A multimedia guide for smartphones and tablets is available on site thanks to a network of Bluetooth beacons along the path and an app in Italian, English or LIS (Italian Sign Language). A multisensory experience to get to know the true heart of this enchanted place, where ancient and modern exist side by side.

Follow Arac, the park’s friendly dragon, along this 19-stop journey filled with whispered stories – such as the tale told by the Taxodium trees, inviting you to touch and listen to them, of that of the pond, the key element of the park, who will be happy to explain how water can shape the landscape. And of course, find out everything about the life and times of Alessandro Rossi, the young entrepreneur whose visionary mind first imagined this place.

A park for all

Parco Rossi is a welcoming and accessible space, equipped with an integrated communication system and in line with the principles of Design for All. Thanks to its cutting-edge, user-friendly visiting system, safe and easy to use at your leisure, exploring the park is an adventure suitable for children, adults, elderly people and foreign visitors alike, as well as people with motor or sensory disabilities.
It’s a visual, tactile and auditory experience. You can roll down the paths on wheels or follow them on foot. There’s a way to discover the gardens for everyone!

Inside the park, you will find:

  • a multisensory map – a talking, graphic and tactile panel welcoming you at the entrance with information about the park, tips for your visit and safety instructions;
  • ARAC – the park’s friendly dragon, who will help you get your bearings and will be your guide and compass. He looks like a drawing straight out of a 19th century bestiary, his shape is reminiscent of the park’s outline and his name combines the initials of Alessandro Rossi and Antonio Caregaro Negrin;
  • two different itineraries:
    1. Ariadne’s Thread: a clearly defined path, safe and accessible to all. Magic and comfort are guaranteed;
    2. The Maze: a path that is level in some places and uneven in others, allowing you to get lost, find yourself again and wander freely.